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We care for our environment and have responsibility to build a sustainable future.

We recognised the need to provide substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our future generation. The movement of wind, heat and light of the sun are energy sources that can supply our needs in a sustainable way.

Regardless of where and how energy is generated, connectivity solutions will always be required to transfer the energy to where it is needed.

JJ-LAPP has vast experience in providing connectivity solutions for transferring and distributing energy. This is why JJ-LAPP has been in demand as the partner of energy industry for many years.

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Innovative Connection Technology
For Organic Photovoltaics

The use of photovoltaic systems has been an important pillar of renewable energy for many years - they make a vast, reliable contribution to the energy revolution so that solutions to the challenges posed by climate change can be effectively found. Photovoltaics have a wide range of use, from major energy plants to domestic applications.

Whether you need to develop tailored products to suit specific needs, create connectivity solutions for photovoltaic systems or receive consultation when planning and implementing plants, we offer our customers a wide product range for all photovoltaic connectivity needs from the roof to the basement. We work with customers and institutes to constantly develop new products that reflect technological progress and best fulfill all industry requirements, e.g. maximum durability and robustness or extreme flexibility.

We also work with users, the TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) and the North American UL approval organisation to carry out a variety of tests on our ÖLFLEX® SOLAR cables, SKINTOP® cable glands and EPIC® SOLAR connectors to guarantee the highest quality standards. Our products can be used worldwide, are RoHS compliant and are constantly undergoing development.

PVC Underground Cable
Medium Voltage Cable
UNITRONIC® BUS Data And BUS cables
ETHERLINE® Ethernet Cabling
EPIC® Solar Photovotaic Connectors
EPIC® Solar Photovotaic Connectors
SKINTOP® Photovotaic Cable Glands
SILVYN® Protective Cable Conduit And Cable Carrier Systems
FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Products
FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Products
HITRONIC® Optical Transmission Systems
Tools & Accessories
Combiner Box
Inverter Room
Wind Energy Wind Energy Wind Energy Wind Energy Wind Energy
The Power of Wind Energy Solutions

Wind energy is the quickest growing market globally amongst renewable energies. New wind farms are being developed on every continent.

Due to very various climatic conditions in locations such as Asia and specific technical requirements, the demands on wires, cable glands, cables and connectors regarding temperature resistance, vibration resistance and torsional stability are extremely high. Many of the installed parts have to demonstrate their reliable functionality in a temperature range of -40 to +90C over a number of years.

Our product quality is constantly being ensured in our own state-of-the-art test centers and internationally unique test bench, in which cables up to 12m long can be tested under realistic conditions.

Pitch systems - Hub box
Pitch drives
Yaw drives
Top box - almost all cables start or end here
Gear box
Slip ring - Hub box connection
Generator - 2nd terminal box
Drip loop - torsion resistant (bottom to Top box)
Tower cables
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