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01. Food and Beverage

Wherever food is involved, hygiene is at the top of the agenda.

There are complex requirements for cables and accessories in the food and drinks industry and in bottling and food packaging plants. They must be resistant to a whole host of chemical, thermal and physical stresses so that they can be used in refrigerated areas and damp environments and still fulfill their function reliably. As a result, resistance to aggressive industrial cleaning and alkali agents which are commonly used during cleaning processes becomes particularly important.

02. Building Automation

Building automation systems have a direct impact upon your ability to maximise the performance of your facility.

Communication between controller, peripherals and user interfaces in a building automation system network is essential.

Lapp cable provides universal network wiring from the control level right down to the peripherals.

03. Factory Automation

Our cables are used in multiple applications across the manufacturing sector from the electronic to automotive industries, customers include ASM, Rockwell Automation and Kulicke & Soffa.

Relevant solutions include: encoder cable, cable chain, M23, M12, servo cable, instrumentation cable, AS-interface and spiral cable.

04. Process Automation

From pharmaceutical production to chemical processing our cables help customers control operations and run reliable process controls.

Our high quality, data cables form the basis of sophisticated systems that require speed and dependability.

05. Renewable Energy

Our products are used across the renewable energy sector, supporting the efficient transmission of energy throughout the process of generation and transmission.

Along with a specialist product range designed for solar energy, our products are also used in geothermal and wind energy generation.

06. Traffic Control

Our cables support a range of traffic automation systems including traffic lights, electronic traffic signs, speed and traffic cameras and electronic road pricing systems.

Recent projects include Jakarta CBD road system redevelopment, Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit system and Sentosa Gateway tunnel.

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